Photoshoot From Home or Nature

5 Strategies to a Cost Effective Photoshoot: From Home or Nature Most of the cover photos for popular magazines and various publications are taken with easy photographic tools. If you look thoroughly at the pictures, you can tell something about where the light source is from with the shadows that fall on the design. What […]

Get the Top 12 Jewelry Designs for 2017

The second month of the Year brought us some important insights on what the Jewelry trends is and would be like to the rest of the year. Thanks to the simple makers and the independent handmade makers, there are a lot of things to learn from them, indeed is very inspiring! Morally sourced materials. Thanks […]

Holiday Party Platter

The holiday is literally in 4 days, and that means large meals. Huge meals mean huge plates. Tossing a serving platter on the wheel is possible and very classy, but if you’re searching for a quick and simple holiday season plate, look to your piecing roller. A Brief Refresher on Rolling Slabs The majority of […]

Things to Know After Buying a Kiln

After unpacking your Kiln, there are many more features to learn and to put in places. The house must cater to the needs of the Kiln. Here are the features you should know after buying a Kiln. Zone control: Controls the areas of your kiln separately so you get back at heating up from top […]

Choosing the right Kiln for you

Picking and purchasing a kiln can be a challenging task. Purchasing a kiln online can be even more so because you can’t touch the kiln and see it firsthand till it shows up. To help reduce worries and fret about winding up with the incorrect thing, we have developed an action by action process to […]

Things you need to get started in Ceramics

The majority of people start in ceramics through a class in their neighborhood. However, some study ceramics in a college setting and some are completely self-taught. Although there are lots of outstanding books and videos to assist you along, there is no replacement for really viewing someone do it and being explained precisely what you […]

Liquid, Dry or DIY Ceramic Glaze

In this segment, we will be tackling the Dry and Liquid Ceramic Glazes. For all of you who doesn’t know what Ceramic Glazes means, here is a short description. Ceramic glaze is an impervious layer or coating of a vitreous substance which has been fused to a ceramic body through firing. Glaze can serve to […]

Low Fire and High Fire in Moulding Ceramic

In this segment you will find out which sort of fire methods fits your ceramic. Low Fire or High Fire?  At some time you will choose to use low fire or high fire techniques, or like me, to integrate them. Often it will depend on where you got begun and what they utilized. Most popular ceramics […]

Steps in Making your Own Clay Pieces

In this segment, you will learn the different methods in making your own Pieces.  Oven bake, air dry, or polymer clay do not need a ceramic kiln. They are either air dry or are baked in a basic oven. Due to cost, they are best used for little items such as fashion jewelry, ornaments, and […]

Get started with Ceramics, here’s how

People often want to try to make Ceramics but doesn’t know how to and where to start. Here in Online Trading Post, we will talk about the different ceramic types and how one may get involved in them. If you are currently a professional, possibly there is somebody you know who has an interest in […]