All items for sale by The Online Trading Post are 100% handmade by Native American Indian artists.  These items are verifiable by third party authority.

Why is it costly?

It is important to realize the price reflects the value, craftsmanship, and authenticity of the piece. For example, Navajo Rugs can take anywhere from four months to a year to weave, depending on size and pattern.  Medicine Wheels and Dreamcatchers can also take several days or weeks.  This is a lot of time, effort, and hard work. Until now, it was not possible to purchase this caliber of art and Indian jewelry without visiting the areas in person. In many cases the artists live in such remote areas that there are no phone lines or immediate postal services available. We are passionate about providing our customers with unique quality pieces of Indian art, jewelry, Hopi pottery, Acoma pottery, and Navajo Rugs, bound with cultural history.

What we enjoy about doing this:

One of the most fulfilling aspects of our business is helping many of the artists we know personally.  Because lines of communication to this remote part of the country are nonexistent, the artists have no way of marketing their work to people other than local tourists and area residents. With the Internet as a tool, these artists  work can be seen and obtained worldwide. This is especially good when searching for paintings and sandpaintings.  Many artists have thanked us because they now have other means by which to sell their work.  In many cases, this is their only form of income. Additionally, we have found that it is a good way to get people involved in their country’s history while helping to protect traditions that go back thousands of years. Your interest and understanding will help these unique cultures thrive so they will not be forgotten by future generations.

Can we special order for you?

See something you like but it has been sold?  Want a custom made Lanyard to hold your workplace ID?  Contact us and we will make arrangements to make special purchases for you on our next trip. Keep in mind that finding an exact match to something seen before will be impossible. We can find you a Navajo rug with a pattern of an approximate size, or a sandpainting of the same, but specific details cannot be guaranteed.