Links and Resources


Here’s a  great Native American artist and culture reference site!  They are  A great reference for Many American Indian tribes art, culture, and Galleries!  Beautiful art displayed!

Here’s a great reference site for Native American languages! This site offers dictionary examples of how to pronounce words from many different native languages.  Also included are tribal nation links and information. They also have very nice art to display!

From Information on Native American Legends and Native American art including JD Challenger, treaty information and submitted Native American articles. The First People site has a multitude of information on these items.  Great photographs taken of Chiefs and Warriors back in the day!  A highly recommended site for research.

Here’s a great site from some folks we know in South Korea. They are called Korean-Arts.  Very nice Lacquered boxes, Vases, Scroll Paintings, Incense Burners and more!


Other useful tools!

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For those of you wishing to do your own research on Turquoise, this is a great site!